Soccer Bounces Back in Kyneton

Sporting clubs are itching to get back into the swing of things after isolation and the Kyneton District Soccer Club is no exception. A firm fixture in the community for almost 50 years, the Rangers have a proud history and the upcoming season is highly anticipated.


The soccer club was established in 1974 and prides itself on being family-friendly and providing a nurturing environment. The club is a not-for-profit organisation and has wonderful support from the community. The players, coaches, officials and committee members are all volunteers, and many local businesses, including Kyneton On Riverside, sponsor the club. Accordingly, the club maintains a low fee structure and is able to attract and retain players in the district.


The Rangers’ home ground is Barkly Square in Kyneton where they have two full-size pitches and brand new lights for night competitions. The club plays in both the Bendigo and Melbourne leagues with age groups ranging from Under 8s to Senior Men’s and Women’s. They have had strong growth in the last five years with over 220 registered players from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. The club also has one of the highest female participation rates in the league. New players are always welcome to join. They are encouraged to visit the Kyneton District Soccer Club’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. 


The club will field both competitive and non-competitive teams this season, as well as run the successful Mini Roos program later in the year. The competitive Junior teams (Under 12s and above) kicked off on 4/5 July, the non-competitive Juniors (Under 10s, 9s, and 8s) will begin the week after and the Senior games will commence on 25/26 of July. Though it is probably not going to be a traditional season, it is an opportunity for those involved to get back home to the pitch and focus on what they love.