How to ready your pets for your return to work

One perk of staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic has been having more time with our furry friends. There is no doubt that our pets have been enjoying all the extra walks and attention. However, it may be problematic when we eventually return to our workplaces. Like people, animals can experience separation anxiety. Here are some ways to ready your pets for some more alone time in the future:


Start easing them back into it

If your pet has generally been indoors and by your side, start easing them into some more outside time. Just as you would have prepared your children to get back into a routine for school, get your pet back into a routine for when you go to work. Start with a short period outside away from you and increase the time as the days go on.


Take a morning walk

If you work a 9 am to 5 pm job, consider getting up early to walk your dog. This will help them burn some energy and warm up if you need to put them outside when you leave. They will also be more likely to sleep while you are away, if they have exercised during the morning. 


Gift them a new toy

Your pets may be bored when you return to work. Invest in a new toy or a decent treat to keep them occupied whilst you are away. You may even like to take a portion from their usual dinner serve and hide it around the garden for them to have a pet treasure hunt.


Tune into talkback

If your pets are used to the voices of people, consider leaving talkback radio on when you leave home so that they feel comforted.


Shower them with love

When you return home, don’t forget to show your pet some extra love again. If you can squeeze in another walk at the end of the day, that would be ideal, but you may be tired yourself. Have dinner and some hugs ready for your pet.


If at any time you think your pet may be suffering anxiety or distress, be sure to take them to the vet for a check up. Do you have pets? Have they acted differently during the isolation period?