My Isolation Story – Sandra

COVID-19 regulations have eased slightly but many of us are still sitting with the effects of isolation and our new ‘normal’. We spoke to Sandra, a Kyneton mum of three young children, about her experience. 


It wasn’t a great start to isolation for Sandra. She broke her ankle four weeks before it began. Consequently, her family was already limited in what they could do with one parent out of action. Sandra has relied on her husband to do the shopping and other tasks due to her injury, especially as they are a ten-minute drive from the town centre.


Despite this, she has found many positives about the situation. Sandra’s family took on two puppies during this time and decided to raise quail chicks. They have updated their veggie patch and are planning on entering it into the Campaspe Veggie Patch competition. Sandra also sowed lots of seeds prior to COVID-19 with the hope of selling some plants. They were ready at the perfect time as many people were keen to buy seedlings during isolation. Sandra is also grateful for the weather being pleasant and being able to spend more time with her family. She has gotten to know her kids better and her 6 years old learnt to ride without training wheels. This happened more quickly than it would have during normal circumstances.


Whilst Sandra doesn’t regard herself as particularly social, she has been missing the ability to stop for a chat when she wants to. She says she is a bit jealous of those who have neighbours close by and can have an impromptu conversation over the fence or by the mailbox. Sandra has also found facilitating remote learning difficult. It has been hard to keep her children’s attention. But, she tried to stay relaxed and not worry about what everyone else is doing. This fits in perfectly with her words of wisdom for others during this challenging time: “Do what you need to stay sane”.