Here’s Where to See Wildlife in Kyneton

One of the things to love about Kyneton and living in the countryside is the stunning bird and animal life. You will no doubt wake to beautiful birdsong in the morning. You also may catch sight of fauna on your own property. However, there are places locally you can visit to spot a wide range of wildlife.


The Campaspe River not only provides a relaxing environment to walk alongside but also provides habitat and nourishment for local creatures. Take a moment on the Mollison Street Bridge to watch the birds frolic in the water. The nearby Botanic Gardens or Kyneton Community Park are also peaceful places to do some bird spotting. Further along the river, Kyneton on Riverside has works underway to revegetate the waterway and restore it to ideal conditions for local fish, birds and mammals. This will become a stunning green area where wildlife can gather and which locals can enjoy.


If you are a golfer, you will be familiar with the abundance of kangaroos on the Kyneton Golf Course. These majestic animals will surprise and delight any traveller to country Australia. If you are keen to see our native fauna in its most natural habitat, take a stroll at the Bald Hill Reserve wetlands and grasslands or head to Black Hill Reserve. Quiet walkers may be lucky enough to see echidnas, wallabies or lizards alongside the path.


Where is your favourite place to spot wildlife in Kyneton?