Why Are People Making a Tree Change During the COVID Crisis?

2020 has given many of us 20/20 vision, as it were. Working and learning from home has brought many things to light, including what the most important things in our lives are. It has had us all reflect on our priorities, how comfortable our home is, the area that we live in, and how accessible our work can actually be. For many it has highlighted the reasons to make a tree change to a country town like Kyneton.


During the COVID crisis, we have had to slow our pace of life. With that has come even more realisation of the importance of time with our families and friends, a good support system, being able to exercise in the fresh air. Kyneton has always offered this package. Enjoy a close-knit community that encourages family-friendly and outdoor activities. The beautiful Macedon Ranges fresh air is plentiful and there are many stunning natural landmarks to visit.


As we stay at home, we have become even more aware of the space we share. Do you love where you live? You can build your dream home riverside in Kyneton within a ready-made neighbourhood. Plan for the future with flexible spaces to include a home office or study areas for the kids. Enjoy your piece of land in the countryside.


The current crisis has also shown many of us that we can work from home more easily than we would have thought. It may open up opportunities for more people to work remotely for the majority of the time. Set yourself up in a beautiful part of the countryside where you can easily commute to Melbourne or Bendigo in around an hour. If working from home might be an ongoing or repeated process in upcoming years, wouldn’t you rather be working from a home amongst wide open spaces and a short walk from shops, nature trails and playgrounds?


Plan for your family’s future comfort, mental health and lifestyle. Make the move to the countryside.