Kyneton Supports Seniors in Going Online

We have seen the Kyneton community rally around each other and local businesses during this difficult year. Whether community members are young or old, there are clubs, organizations and initiatives to support every person’s needs. One of the most significant effects of COVID-19 has been the isolation of individuals. Whilst many young people and families are able to connect with each other via the internet, this has been a challenge for some in the older age bracket.


Cobaw Community Health and Volunteers Central Vic have partnered up to provide a service for local seniors. They are searching for volunteers to be digital mentors for older people in Kyneton. They would like the seniors in our community to be able to connect with family and friends in the same ways others have. Whilst letters and traditional phone calls have their place, being able to speak to loved ones face to face, send videos and photos, and even play games online, can lessen the feeling of isolation.


If you are able to donate your time to be a digital mentor please email or visit their website,