Kyneton on Riverside Café & Discovery Centre Is Now Open

Kyneton on Riverside was created with the vision of a truly vibrant and cohesive community. In order to nurture this environment and create an ethical and exciting social hub, KOR partnered with Groundwork Co. to unveil a café within the Discovery Centre. The café has officially opened its doors and is welcoming visitors, so make sure you visit and discover the fantastic menu. In the meantime, read below to find out how this collaboration is making a difference to the local community.

A Shared Space for a Shared Passion

When Kyneton on Riverside developed its Discovery Centre, it became apparent that the facility had a lot of untapped potentials. The space was large enough to house another entity- something that would work as an independent business but simultaneously support the purpose of the centre and the spirit of the community. The final choice was a café- a place where the community could meet, socialise, exchange ideas and enjoy themselves.

Moreover, the café needed to be an active member of the community, not just an amenity within it, which is why KOR contacted Groundwork Co. This was a natural pairing for two parties who are passionate about community involvement and representing and supporting the Kyneton community.

Loving All Things Local

Groundwork Co. strives to build a family of local suppliers by focusing on sourcing as much of its products and ingredients from the talented growers and makers within the community, or nearby towns. This is an important boost for small businesses and the local economy. Their menu features delicious ingredients such as chutneys from Emelia’s on Piper Street and cheeses and condiments rom the Kyneton Farmer’s Market. KOR has wholeheartedly embraced this model and will continue to support initiatives that contribute to a flourishing local community.

Keeping It Simple and Sustainable

Groundwork Co. has emphasised that the cafe` offers a very simple menu and specialises in just a few things because they believe freshness and quality are far more important than variety for the sake of variety. Maintaining a simple menu also enables the team to truly believe in and love every product they serve and nurtures the building of close, long-lasting relationships with ingredients and their suppliers. The cafe will introduce a composting program later this year and all fruit, vegetable and coffee compost will be donated locally.

Kyneton on Riverside and Groundwork Co. are excited to invite you to experience old fashioned hospitality in a newly built Discovery Centre at 46 Piper Street, Kyneton.